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Boating LinksA comprehensive collection of boating resources
Boating DownloadsGreat downloads from the Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide to the CPS-ECP Glossary of Nautical Terms and the Trip Plan, etc.
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Canadian Aids to NavigationCanadian Coast Guard
Canadian Aids to Navigation - chartCanadian Coast Guard
Chart No. 1published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service
List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals - Pacific Coast
Nautical Charts and Publicationsof the Canadian Hydrographic Service
Publicationsof the Canadian Hydrographic Service
Safe Boating GuideTransport Canada


How to use parallel rulers
How to Use a Parallel Ruler and Compass Rose to Determine Direction
The Compassby Don Butt
Global Positioning and Chartsby Don Butt
Introduction to Plottingby Don Butt
The Parallel Rulerby Don Butt
Plotting and Labelingby Don Butt

Maritime Radio

Canadian West Coast Suggested VHF/FM Marine Channels
The Phonetic Alphabet