Seaburban, 43 feet LOA at anchor - photo by Bert terHart

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All Gabriola Island Squadron and Sylva Bay Yacht Club members check here about the "Cape parties" that are planned to celebrate Bert's passing past each of the 5 capes:Party Time!

Bert terHart, the Squadron’s former Educational Officer, embarked on a solo voyage to circumnavigate the globe via all five capes October 27 at 1134. He is using only celestial navigation (no electronics) and is collecting data for science purposes as he sails. We will all miss his positive personality here, but look forward to his safe return about seven months after his departure.
Bert sends daily updates via satellite to his wife, Nani who forwards them to Don Butt for posting on his blog entitled “Bert terHart’s Epic Journey”.
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Bert in the South Pacific
December 31, 2019

Seaburban at the 49th parallel south on New Year's Eve
Happy New Year, Bert!

Bert at Cape Horn
January 8, 2020

Just before 0200
Pacific Time

Past Cape Horn
January 11, 2020

Bert in Port Stanley, The Falklands
January 16, 2020

at anchor
in Port Stanley

photos by
an anonymous (?) Falklander

Cape Horn Party at Bert's on Gabriola Island
January 26, 2020

Thanks to Nani and her crew it was a wonderful evening to share Bert’s incredible accomplishments.