Awards, 2003 to 2009
This page has not been updated since 2009. For subsequent awards, see the "From the Archives" pages.

Presentation of the Rudy Boehm Trophy to the 2009 recepient, Oliver Woolcock.

Another landmark day for Gabriola Island Squadron. Cdr Bob Weenk proudly accepts the Mike Cartlidge Award 2008 from District Membership Officer, Nancy DeGagne at the Council meeting October 5, 2008. This award is recognition for the Squadron with the highest percentage increase in membership. Special thanks to Membership Officer Elaine Pearce for her unfailing efforts in personally contacting those who did not renew their memberships, encouraging them to do so.

AGM 2008: Congratulations Past Commander Leonard Sutherland for two years of a job well done! Commander Bob presenting the Past Commander's Award to Leonard

AGM 2008: Windchime Award presented to Bob Week and Digby Jones (absent) by Commander Leonard

AGM 2008: Rudy Bohm Award for excellence in Boating. Freda Bohm and Cdr Leonard with winner, Russ Pearce

AGM 2008: STO Ralph Hagen presenting the Arthur J Nielsen Award to top student of the 2007-2008 year, Siggi Andrun. She also achieved the top mark in the Marine Radiotelephone Course.

Cdr Leonard Sutherland (left) holding the Mike Cartlidge Memorial Award presented by VIND to the squadron with the largest increase in membership. ATO Bob Weenk holding the Jens Oster Memorial Award presented to the squadron with the highest average marks in courses taught over the past 5 years. Awards presented at the 2007 VIND AGM at The Haven, Gabriola Island.

Rudy Bohm Award for 2006-07 presented by Freda Bohm and Cdr Leonard Sutherland to Russ Pearce at the April 21, 2007 AGM

Windchime award for 2006-07 presented by Cdr Leonard Sutherland to STO Ralph Hagen at the April 21, 2007 AGM

Past Commander's Award presented by 2006-2007 Commander, Leonard Sutherland to Past Commander Russ Pearce. AGM April 2006

Windchime Award winner for outstanding contribution to training, well deserved, to STO Ralph Hagen, presented by Acting Cdr Russ Pearce. AGM April 2006

Rudy Bohm Award recipient, Ian Waymark (left), presented by Freda Bohm and Acting Cdr Russ Pearce The award is for an extraordinary event on the water. Ian and Paddy provided assistance for a disabled boat. AGM April 2006

Arthur J Nielsen Award for highest Boating marks to Walter Berry and Bob Weenk (second and fourth from left). Third recipient, Frank Croft was out of town. All three top students achieved 100%. Also in picture: Acting Cdr Russ Pearce, STO Ralph Hagen and ATO Leonard Sutherland. AGM April 2006

Frank Croft receiving his "100%" Boating award, Fall 2005, presented by acting Commander, Russ Pearce

Bob Weenk receiving his "100%" Boating award, Fall 2005

Walter Berry receiving his "100%" Boating award, Fall 2005,

Don Butt, the District Administrative Officer, accepted three District awards on behalf of the Squadron, June 2005, here shown with Keith Poulton on whose shoulders are well-deserved heaps of special praise for his dedicated work with the students. Thanks Keith! From left to right: The Jens Oster Memorial Award for the best overall results in training over the past four years. The Mike Cartlidge Memorial Award for largest percentage increase in membership in the year. The Kurt Kukla Memorial Trophy for highest average mark in the Boating exam for the year.

Hugh Sproule receiving his Life Membership, AGM 2005. Over 20 years of outstanding service to CPS-ECP.

Inge Fretheim receiving his "100%" award in Boating exam April 2005.

David Kellenberger receiving his "100%" Boating exam award, Dec 2004.

2004: Squadron's first "100%" Boating exam award, Sharon Stephenson, with former commander, Richard deLissa and ATO Rufus Churcher.

Russ Pearce, Acting Commander, with the Wilf Souther District Piloting Award, and District Admin Officer Don Butt, recipient of the District Commander's Award for outstanding service to District. 2003