from the archives, 2018
District Squadron Challenge Award

At the District Council meeting, January 22, D/C Ion Barnes presented Squadron Executive Officer John van Praet with the District Squadron Challenge Award. This is an annual award for all Squadrons in the Vancouver Island North District (VIND) recognizing overall excellence during the year. Gabriola Squadron was recognized for the outstanding work of our Educational Officer, Bert terHart in his organizing and presenting the pioneering workshop events related to safe boating. The relentless work of the Marketing group, led by Public Relations Offier (PRO) George Myette is singularly helpful with ensuring our name and activities are out there. Gabriola Squadron has been the recipient of this award several times in the past.

Boating 2-3

Our Educational team actually making our house call - instructing our Boating 2-3 student in the fine art of plotting.

Plotting Exercise at Drumbeg Park

Our Boating 2-3 student, Andy Hunter with his wife, Pat, and Educational Officer, Bert terHart undertaking the practical plotting exercise at Drumbeg Park. Bearings are taken, fixes determined at the south and north boundaries of the park, then plotted. Speed and track made good can be determined.

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